The forums for Mark2Curators uses the Wikia specialized forums. Please post your questions in the correct board.

How do I post to the forum? Edit

Before posting a new question to the forum, first check if a similar question has been posted/answered before. Go to the top navigation bar, and select 'Advanced Search' under 'community'. Type your query into the search box and then click on 'Advanced' to see additional search options. Put a check mark in the box next to 'Forum' to enable searching through the forum threads.

If your topic has been covered, go to the thread that covers your topic best, and click edit. Append your question to the end of the thread.

If your topic hasn't been covered yet, go to the appropriate forum or sub-forum. Type your question title into the empty box next to the 'Add new topic' button. Enter your question into the text area. Sign with four tildes.

Do I need to know how to code to post to the forum? Edit

Not in the least! When editing or posting a new topic or thread, the editor has two modes: Visual and Source. Visual mode is exactly that! A what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of editor. It doesn't always get everything right, which is why some people may prefer the 'source' mode which allows you to customize your text more precisely.

Do I have to register with Wikia to use the forum? Edit

As with most wikis, you do not need to register with Wikia to use the Mark2Cure Wikia (including the forums). Furthermore, we do not share registration info with, so an account with wikia is NOT automatically created. If you find yourself frequenting the forum, we encourage you to register with Wikia and to login when posting so that your thoughtful questions, brilliant suggestions, and inspiring stories can be appropriately credited. Keep in mind that this is an open forum, so you should refrain from posting anything you would not want to see publicly available.

Am I restricted to posting in the forums or can I contribute other pages to this Wikia? Edit

You are absolutely welcome to help improve the Mark2Cure Wikia. If you have content to add to this Wikia, by all means get editing! Please keep in mind that there are real people interacting with the Mark2Cure wikia, so please stay classy.