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Mark2Cure is a citizen science web app that enables anyone who can read English to help with biomedical research. Every 30 seconds, a new biomedical research article is published. Help researchers keep up so they can find cures faster.



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For Mark2Curators

Share your Mark2Cure experience. Discussing your issues, ideas, and experience will help to improve Mark2Cure.

How to use the Mark2Curators forums - Introduction to Mark2Cure's Wiki forum

Issues/Bugs/Suggestions - Have an issue with the design? Want to report a bug or have a suggestion?

Tutorial/Training Help - Having trouble in the tutorial/training? Get help here!

Diseases Concept, Genes Concept, Treatments Concept help - Wondering if something should be marked? See what your fellow Mark2Curators think!

General help - Other questions? Ask them here!

Meet and Greet - Discuss anything with your fellow Mark2Curators, but keep in mind these are public forums, so don't post any personal/identifying information if you wish to retain your privacy.

For Volunteers

In addition contributing on Mark2Cure via the web app as a Mark2Curator, Mark2Cure needs volunteers with all sorts of expertise so that it can grow faster. Currently people with a variety of backgrounds and expertise are needed for the following:

How to use the Volunteers forums - A quick start guide to Wiki-style forums

Press Release and Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

User Experience Improvement

Web/App development



Want to learn more about a rare diseases or terminology used in the annotation tasks?

Rare Disease Resources

Biomedical Literature Resources

Gene Information Resources

Pharmacological Information Resources

Disease Information Resources


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Building the knowledgebase of biology using citizen science Andrew Su TEDxClaremontColleges-0

Building the knowledgebase of biology using citizen science Andrew Su TEDxClaremontColleges-0

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